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Neurodiversity and The Film Industry

What is neurodiversity? Neurodiversity refers to a way of absorbing, analyzing, and expressing information that differs from most. Neurodiverse individuals tend to follow the beat of their own drummer and think outside the box. Neurodiversity comes in many forms, for instance, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and others. It is said that between …

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Irish Film Industry Vs. US Film Industry

What’s the difference between the Irish film industry and the film industry in the US? Quite a lot! As someone lucky enough to have encountered both, it is clear that there are a good few variations in many standards, from the accepted crew/cast fees to working on set. A stark difference in set culture can…

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What’s all this about?

What is Echo Anna about? Find out here! Echo Anna is a new blog written by a professional filmmaker who also happens to be autistic. This is a place to share data, chat about all things related to the film industry, as well as how to get along in it as an autistic artist. Tips,…

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Who am I?

Hi, and welcome to Echo Anna! My name is Anna and I am filmmaker. I started out as an actor when I was a child and dabbled in and out of the industry, picking up a business degree, before starting my career as a filmmaker. I am the managing director and creative HOD of Sticky Tape Productions, a film production company based in Ireland, as well as a producer, director, award-winning writer, and represented actor. I was diagnosed autistic late in my life and have had to learn how to manage without any support services nor much understanding from others. Despite some setbacks, I have found ways to navigate my chosen career path alongside my autism.

My films have been broadcasted on public television, played in festivals around the world, won public funding grants, as well as awards. I have also successfully crowdfunded $39k. Any free time (which these days is hard to come by), I spend honing my knowledge of the film industry, upskilling, and creating.

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